Talent Sourcing

We specialize in finding the best people for your needs. Have a look at our unique approach.

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A clear recruitment strategy to make sure we deliver you the appropriate candidates.

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Implementing Design Thinking

Implementing Design Thinking is a journey that needs to be done properly. We help you develop that strategy and can do the sourcing/recruitment for you.

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Our mission is to ensure we add value to your business,

by introducing you to the best.

People and Talents

People and talent are central to your businesses success. We have a good understanding of what you particularly need in your team. We pride ourselves in having an extensive network of talents and knowing which ones can perfectly fit in to add more value to your business.

We work in the following areas:

  • Design and Innovation – Talents with strategy and design as their core. Innovation is a result of that.
  • Product Design – Design Engineers with their own unique design insights and aspirations.
  • Software development – Highly motivated individuals, who thrive on problem solving.
  • Marketing and Branding – Creative geniuses, who know how to position your business.

Looking for an involved recruitment partner?

Why choose us?

Holistic Approach

When it comes down to certain roles, a deeper understanding is needed, regarding skills and aspirations. These are key contributors towards adding value within a team.

People Driven

It is people and their full potential within a selected business that drives us. We naturally develop a great relationship with all our talents, and would like you to benefit from it.

Design Driven

Understanding what design really is and how it can unlock the true potential in many businesses, is our forté. We also provide consulting on how you can best integrate design thinking in your business.

Request a Call back

Should you have any questions, or want to set up a meeting, you can contact us by phone, whatsapp and e-mail.

We would be delighted to speak to you.